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Personalised Learning:  Individual & Small Group


"Ben is great to work with...he is so inspiring and educational."

We work in partnership with young people and families to develop engaging, inspiting and highly effective personalsed learning programs.  We develp and coordinate personalised short term programs and coaching, term programs, year long programs programs, full time programs, part-time programs and much more.  We develop and coordinate individual and group programs. If you are looking for ways for your son or daughter to develop their unique potential and live their dreams then we would love to talk to you. 


Our personalised learning and coaching programs are tailored to the unique goals, strengths, needs and interests of each person.  Our personalised learning and coaching programs are all designed to help foster the wellbeing and health, personal and social development and holistic education - or whatever our participants and families feel is most important for thier development.  For those families who have worked with tutors in the past that have a norrow focus, we don’t simply focus on short-term narrow academic outcomes, our approach is unique and very different.  It is best described as holistic personal development and learning coaching focussed on the medium term gaols and outcomes. 


Our personalsied learning and coaching programs are co-developed and facilitated by one of the highly qualified, passionate, skilled and experienced WELS Coordinators and Coaches.  Our coaching approach is guided by the principles of personalised support, strength-based, and positive and honest relationships and partnerships.  We offer ongoing, school-term based or short-term coaching for individuals or groups.  Our session can be offered on-line or in-person at a range of times during the week.


We develop and coordinate full-time, part-time or short term personalised learning and coaching programs personal for individuals and groups.   Please contact us to find out more.