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Leadership Club Membership - inspiring global citizens and leaders  


Leadership Club Memberships - Join Us

There is a way for every young person to join the Leadership Club.  We have a range of flexible membership and support options to cater for the goals and needs of every young person and family.   We offer 3 month and 1 year memberships.  We also offer scholarship memberships for young people living in socio-economically disadvataged circumstances. 

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Age guideline: boys and girls age 9-13 years (school Year 4 - 7)

Age guideline: girls and boys age 12-16 years (school Year 7 - 9)


Leadership Club Memberships


Age guideline: boys and girls age 9-13 years (school Year 4 - 7)

3 month - Premium
1 year - Premium
3 month - Challenge
1 year - Challenge
No cost

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