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Youth Leadership & Mentoring Program 

"The best program ever"

"Every child and every school should run these programs"

"Probably the best experience of my life"

"Tim and Ben are great to work with...they are so inspiring and educational."

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The Youth Leadership and Mentoring Program is a unique personal development, leadership and work experience opportunity for people in their teenage years.  This program has already been highly popular and successful with young people in Canberra and is growing in Melbourne.


There are a number of different opportunities to participate in the Youth Mentoring and Leadership Program.  This includes:

  • acting as a youth mentoring and assisting us in running our school holiday leadership and health programs and camps for younger children;

  • personalised and inspiring coaching and mentoring (short term or ongoing);

  • challenging youth leadership camps and events during the year;

  • joining our leadership challenge.

Youth Leadership & Mentoring Program - School Holiday Program

Looking for the one of the best personal development, leadership and work experience opportunities around..then join is as a youth mentor and leader on our school holiday leadership and health programs.  All youth mentors will have opportunities to plan and lead activities during the holiday program, and will get personalised coaching and support from the program coordinators.  We develop a leadership plan with all youth mentors at the start of the program.  After the program we offer ongoing coaching and mentoring.  We also provide all youth mentors personal develop feedback and a work reference. 

April School Holidays

ACT- Canberra

Victoria - Melbourne