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Founder & Director - Ben Righetti MBA, Grad Dip.Ed. MSocDev, BSc COR, MEd*

Ben Righetti is the Founder and Director of WELS.  Ben is a passionate, highly experinced and qualified educator, community development coordinator, program manager, coach and mentor, with over 15 years experience developing innovative and highly successful programs for young people, schools and organisations around Australia. 

Welcome to WELS

Our Mission and Values

Welcome one and all to WELS!


At WELS we believe wholeheartedly in the adage 'young people are our future' and that inspiring experiences, which are both meaningful and challenging, play a critical role in their development.


Our goal is to help inspire and support people to develop into healthy, ethical and entrepreneurial global citizens and unique leaders, who will help to create a fairer and sustainable world.  


WELS is dedicated to providing young people, our clients and members, with inspirational and life changing learning experiences and support services.  Our mission is to provide inspiring and life changing learning experiences to as many young people as we can in Australia - and globally.


Young people, parents, schools, organisations and all our partners can be sure we will work in partnership with you to develop the highest quality programs and support services that are innovative, engaging and personalised to your goals and needs.


WELS is a small but innovative social organisation and enterprise guided by our mission, values and partnership approach, which was founded in 2013 that is continuing to evolve every day.  Please join us or contact us to find out more.




Our Vision

Our vision is for an ecologically sustainable world, made up of healthy, fair and sustainable communities, where each individual is healthy and well and can continue to develop their unqiue potential.  Our vision is for communities where every person has the opportunity to develop their unique potential, wellbeing, entrepreneurial capabilities and leadership – so that they can use their unique talents and capabilities to help create a fairer, healthier and sustainable world.



Our Mission

WELS School was founded and exists as a social mission to serve and help young, families, schools and the community.  Our mission is to inspire and support people to develop their unique potential, their wellbeing and health, their leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities, their ethics, and theircommitment to sustainability - so that they will live as ethical and active global citizens and unique leaders who will help to create a fairer and sustainable world.  We strive to achieve this goal each day by developing and coordinating inspirational, innovative, personalised and life changing educational and learning experiences, programs and services for young people and organisations, tailored to the goals and needs of each person and client.  We are committed to working in partnership with young people, families, schools, organisations and the community.  We are deeply committed to ongoing and continuous learning, innovation and improvement.   


Our Values

  • Sustainability

  • Service & Community

  • Fairness

  • Honesty

  • Uniqueness & Diversity

  • Learning

  • Creativity