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Founder & Director - Ben Righetti MBA, Grad Dip.Ed. MSocDev, BSc COR, MEd*

Ben Righetti is the Founder and Director of WELS.  Ben is a passionate, highly experinced and qualified educator, community development coordinator, program manager, coach and mentor, with over 15 years experience developing innovative and highly successful programs for young people, schools and organisations around Australia. 

Welcome to WELS

Our Approach & Difference

Wellbeing & The Whole Person

The goal of all of our programs and services is to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing, personal development and holistic education of the 'whole person'.   When we say 'whole person' we really mean their unique social, intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing and development.   Yes - everyone says this but we really do it! 


Our programs are focused on the medium and long term personal and social development and growth of the people we work with but almost every person also experiences an immediate positive benefit!



We develop authentic and respectful relationships with every person we work with: young people, parents, schools, organisaions clients and community members.   We do everything in true partnership with you.   Everyone who works with us says we are the great to work with because we're so passionate, collaborative, ethical, highly skilled and professional - and lots of fun to work with! 


Inspiring & Personalised Programs & Support

Young people, parents and clients continue to tell us our programs and services make such a positive difference to their wellbeing, personal development and social development because:

  • they're personalised and tailored to the goals, needs and interests of participants and our partners;

  • they're innovative, challenging, highly engaging and inspiring;

  • we have the most passionate, inspiring, highly experienced and qualified coordinators, educators and facilitators;

  • we have a unique, highly effective and inspiring learning and educational approach.


All of us here at the WELS School look forward to meeting you in the future as we endeavour to immerse young people in the key areas of life now and in the future - wellbeing, entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainability.  Join us!