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Leadership Club  - Inspiring Global Citizens and Leaders    

"Probably the best experience of my life"

"I feel like I am back...I feel like I can do so much"

"Tim and Ben are great to work with...they are so inspiring and educational."



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Join other passionate young people who have joined the Leadership Club...make new friends, live your dreams, develop your unique leadership capabilities - and help change the world!  Let's work together to make a difference.

Leadership Club Coordinators

Ben Righetti MBA, Grad Dip.Ed. MSoc.Dev. Bsc. COR & Tim Guthrie BEd. Cert3./4 PT

Hundreds of young people and families around Australia will tell you that Tim and Ben are fantastic role models and great people to work with - they are positive, fun, supportive and inspiring.  Tim and Ben are both passionate, highly qualified and experienced educators, coaches, mentors and program coordinators.  They both have more than 15 years experience working with young people, and developing innovative, individually tailored and highly successful programs and support for young people across all age groups around Australia.  Please join us.   

Why your child will love the Leadership Club  


The Leadership Club is a unique and potentially life changing opportunity for all young people.  The Club is a unique way to help inspire your child to pursue their dreams and to help them develop into a healthy, happy and ethical global citizen and unique leader.  The Club achieves this by working in partnership with young people and families to create inspiring and challenging camps, events and courses throughout the year (both in-person and on-line) - and by offering inspiring ongoing coaching, mentoring and support.  The Club has a membership option that will be just right for every young person.  Find at more about why young people and parents love the Leadership Club below or please contact us to learn more.

Why young people & parents love the Leadership Club (click arrow)

  • we work in partnership with young people to create the most positive and supportive environment where each person is encourage to challenge themselves, take risks and expand their comfort zone;

  • inspiring, fun and challenging camps, events and courses offered throughout the year (during weekends and out of school time) and during the school holidays;

  • inspiring and passionate personalised coaching and support from our highly qualified, skilled and experienced Club Coordinators: Tim and Ben;

  • members have the opportunity to help run the Club - and to develop and lead activities, events and camps during the year;  

  • young people get heaps of independence, responsibility and freedom to challenge themselves and each other - and to explore and develop their dreams and talents;

  • join a diverse group of young people around Australia who want to work with you to help you live your dreams and change the world;

  • flexible membership options that will suit every young person and family; memberships range from: Ultimate Members (where you get guaranteed no-cost places in all Leadership Club camps and holiday programs - and ongoing private coaching): to other membership options where you sign-up for the events, camps and support that suit your child's needs and your busy schedule;

  • the Leadership Challenge Project - where you work on a project in a team or individually to help change your community and the world;

  • young people learn and develop by working on real world individual and small team projects and problems during the year;

  • and much more.

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What happens in the Club

Every person can lead - but our uniqueness means we will do this differently to others.  The goal of the Leadership Club is to help inspire young people to develop their unique leadership capabilities and dreams -  and in doing so make the world a better place.  The Club inspires and supports young people to achieve develop their unique leadership potential and live their dreams in a number of different ways.  The key feaures of the Leadership Club are:

  • A community of young people committed to challenging themselves and making a positive difference in their life and in the community;

  • The Leadership Challenge Project (Challenge run for 3 months);

  • Mid-Term Camps and Events (on weekends and out of school-time);

  • Inspring Coaching & Support: Inspiring and Innovative Coaching and Mentoring.

 And there is much, much more.  There is a membership package that is just right for every young person and family.   Find out more below or contact us.

What camps, events, activities & support does the Leadership Club offer? (click arrow to read)

Camps, Programs & Events

  • Leadership Camps: a leadership camp or event every 3 months (at least 1 camp held every term on a weekend -in 2015 in the ACT and Victoria)

  • Leadership Holiday Program: a 4/5 day school holiday leadership and personal development program every school holidays (in 2015 in ACT and Victoria); each holiday programs include an advanced option with dedicated time and support on each person’s Leadership Challenge project;

  • Leadership Challenge Project: work in a team or individually on a project to help change your community and the world (open to any young people – individual or team projects)

  • Camps and Events: leadership, health and personal development camps, programs and events throughout the year (open to all Club members)



  • Private Coaching: inspirational individual and small group coaching and support with Ben or Tim (by appointment)

  • Parent Consultation: conusltation and advice (by appointment)

  • Personalised Support & Coaching:  on-line support and mentoring on leadership and Leadership Challenge Projects  (weekly/fortnightly - through a dedicated Learning Management System)

  • Web-conferences: on the Leadership Challenge Project and leadership (monthly – there will be a member and parent conference)

  • Challenge Support: expert support, mentoring and advice to members on their Leadership Challenge Projects and leadership from the Club Coordinators (online through our members only webpages and dedicated blog)

  • Peer Mentoring: peer mentoring and advice (online through our learning management system or blog; and in-person during Club camps and events)



  • Member only web-pages, blogs and learning management system

  • Monthly e-newsletter with everything that is happening in the Club and the WELS School

  • Dedicated website


New Programs & Services

  • suggest new programs and activities and preferred times (get first access to sign-up)


WELS School Programs & Services

  • Find out about and sign-up for any WELS service or program


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We encourage and invite each and every young person and all members of the Leadership Club to join the Leadership Challenge Project in 2015.  The Leadership Challenge Project is an opportunity for young people to develop and work on real leadership project that makes a positive difference in their life, family, school, local community or in the world.  Each Challenge Project will run for 3 months (based around the school terms) and will have a theme or specific challenge for the participants.  There will be individual and team projects.  The first Leadership Challenge Project for 2015 is about to start so get your friends together and join us now.

Leadership Challenge # 2  (10 weeks: July-Sept)

The Challenge:  What will you do to challenge and test yourself as a person, community member and leader in the next 3 months?

You could choose to do this as a team or individual challenge.    


We have a range of flexible membership options to suit every young person and family in Australia - and the world.  Please choose the membership option that works best for you or contact us to find out more.   The key differences between each of the membership categories are different:

  • level of challenge for the participants;

  • access to the camps, programs, events and activities we offer;

  • support options; 

  • lengths of membership - from 3 months or 1 year; 

  • membership options for young people in different age-ranges (Youth Leaders over 12 years; Young Leaders 10-12 years);

  • access to resources we offer and early bird sign-up options for new programs.


Leadership Club Camps & Events 2015 


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